If I Were King

The US federal government is traveling down a road already paved and well traveled.  That road leads off a cliff.  A fiscal cliff.  Sweden found itself staring over that ledge and into the financial abyss about 15 years ago, but found fiscal sobriety and embraced economic reality before it went over.  Germany, too, faced a mounting crisis 10 years ago and did the same thing, if in a uniquely German fashion.  Both pulled themselves away from the ledge.  Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland had to learn the hard way.

The ledge is fast approaching for the US.  We spend far more on ourselves than we are willing to pay for ourselves.  I set out to write a series of posts offering what the legions of critics do not: a mathematically sound balanced budget.  I installed it (as self-annointed King and Emperor of the United States) starting in 2013.  That list of program installations is below.

I have no delusions of grandeur here.  The ideas I propose are not politically possible.  Today, in June 2012.  But then much of what Spain and Portugal and Ireland and Greece, soon Italy, are being forced to do today was politically impossible just two years ago.  Was it not?  So time will tell how much or how little of the restructurings I’ve written about below will come to pass.  In the meantime, hate mail continues to come in daily from progressives and conservatives alike.

The introduction is integrated into Chapter One.  If you’d prefer to retain your political and personal delusions, don’t read these.  Fair warning fairly offered.

Chapter One: Medicaid

Chapter Two: Medicare

Chapter Three: Social Security

Chapter Four: Defense

Chapter Five: Tax and Treasury