This grouping is designed to be read in order from the top.  This is my assessment and prediction for what will come in the next US presidential term, Jan 2013 thru Jan 2017, pretty much regardless who wins the White House.

The founding idea behind this blog is that what is happening in Europe, what has been happening since the wheels started coming off in 2008, will eventually be repeated here in the US.  I judge that where the EU is today (June 2012, as this is being written) is where the US will be in 18-24 months.  IOW, I think it’s arguably true that where the US is today is about where Europe was 18-24 months ago (specifically, in total denial).

The basic assumption, obviously, is that the politics, cultures, economics and societal values of Europe and the US are strongly coorelated and very similar.  And if that is so, then the choices and options Europe is being forced to make today forecast those the US will be forced to make tomorrow.

By closely assessing the actions and inactions of the EU, by observing their debates and conflicts as they face the mess in the EU, I think we get a preview of what will come in the next president’s term.  As I noted, I doubt it will matter a great deal whether Romney or Obama is in the White House.  Gridlock is very likely to persist in WDC just as it now persists in Berlin and Brussels and Paris.  It will be the markets calling the shots in the US in the near future, forcing the action and continually narrowing the options, just as markets are presently doing in the EU.


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