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This is the list of the top ten eleven twelve fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen rants, selected by you.  It’s based on the number of times a post has been read, but I have excluded several that were out of that morning’s headlines or just of fleeting interest.  They are in no particular order, but FYI the current #1 and #2 by huge margins is “Obama’s IRA Money Grab” and “A Panic; A Convulsion; A Seizure; A Rant”.  “The New Normal” is #3.  “Elder Teenagers” is #4 and “R&R, Reinvest and Reinvent” rounds out the top 5.  “Loose Threads, The Unraveling Of Western Democracies” is a personal favorite.

Barack Hussein Nixon

Stealing The Future

French Exceptionalism

Obama’s IRA Money Grab; A Modest Proposal

A Panic; A Convulsion; A Seizure; A Rant

R&R, Reinvest and Reinvent

Is The Nation-State Leaking Sovereignty?

Government Comes Last

The American Dream

All Know What None Dare Say

WHAT Is Going On? Part One

WHAT Is Going On? Part Two

Elder Teenagers

Morally Imperative Spending

The New Normal

The Brave and Harsh New Normal

Boomer’s Choice in Nov 2012 

Loose Threads: The Unraveling Of Western Democracies