It’s long been a complaint of mine that bloggers rarely if ever offer up a discussion of what motivates them; what notions and ideas act as bedrock for their thinking; what the “arc” of their philosophy is.  What follows is my answer to that complaint.

The ARC is a statement of my worldview, in which I lay out the bedrock ideas that I have adopted and adapted over decades; those that have shaped me.  The list that follows is a set of essays that detail my predispositions, assessments, judgments, valuations, presumptions, discriminations and priorities.

This set of essays, read as a whole, attempts to describe wisdom as I see it.  They are not academic exercises; I’m not concerned with “proof”.  They aren’t scholarly.  They are personal, idiosyncratic and in some cases emotional and eccentric.  Whether they create a unified vision, a rational basis for all the other posts in this blog is entirely up to you, as a reader, to decide.

This grouping reads independently, that is, appears in no particular order.  It will be added to over time.

On Entitlements                                        On Democracy

On Unions                                                  On The Deficit

  On The Federal Reserve               On The Supreme Court

  On Globalization                     On “Growth” & “Austerity” 

On VAT & Consumption Tax                        On Debt Traps

On Choice                                                On Government

  On Perspective                        On Debt-Addicted Nations

 On Politics And Central Bank Policy