This is the new home of Cato The Eldest. I’ve been a wanderer professionally, personally and intellectually all my life.  This will be home: a place where commentary on events and ideas can grow; where opinions will be expressed and interests can settle.

Short and sweet:  My name is Michael Booth.  I live in Plano, Texas.  I’ve taught finance and economics to Texas Instruments engineers and managers for the last 20 years, though I’ve never been an employee of the company.  Just a contractor.  I’ve been all over the world training for TXN.  I’ve done the same work for other companies as well.  The one I enjoyed most was Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), located just outside Amsterdam.  I’ve taught finance and economics as an adjunct at 8 universities, the last from 1992 to 2003 at the University of Texas at Dallas.  In the real world before I retired in 1992, I did new company start ups and broken company turnarounds.  I’m 67, married for 44 years and happier than a man has any right to be.

That said, who I am and what I’ve done, what credentials I’ve accumulated are for me, within the context of this blog, completely irrelevant.  The world has changed a lot since I came out of university in 1969.  Past is not prologue.

Where I’m going is much more important to me than where I’ve been.  What I will do with the time left to me much more important than the accomplishments of the past.  I’ve made my way the last 22 years by the force of my ideas.  Beyond that my bio and demographics don’t matter.  Judge me for good or ill by what I say, what I write, as my clients and friends have all these years.

This site is for those who share with me the idea expressed above.  If you’re impressed by long strings of initials after one’s name, and framed sheets of gold-stamped paper on the walls more than the content of one’s mind you probably won’t be spending much time on this site anyway.

As time allows and the flow of events dictates, this blog will become my permanent residence, furnished with the essence of who and what I am.

A last personal note: we are usually on the move … The Wizard and I travel a good bit.  We are climbers; day hikers.  The photo below was taken on Mt Lafayette in New Hampshire in 2011.  The second one is on Bald Mountain, just outside of Jasper, Alberta, Canada in 2009.  The last one on Wasson Mountain near Tucson in 2012.  Outside is heaven.  Up is good.  Elevation strengthens the legs, clears the mind, salves the soul.  We collect summits.