Giving ObamaCare The Middle Finger Salute

Last week Obama announced the ObamaCare employer mandate … the law requiring employers with 50 or more full-time employees to either provide government-approved medical insurance or pay a $2000 per employee fine … has been pushed back one year.  The law says full-time means 30 hours a week or more.  It was supposed to become effective January 2014.  

Not.  And this graphic shows why Obama bailed out.  ObamaCare is killing full-time jobs.  240,000 just in June alone!

Employers are cutting full-time positions and adding part-timers in huge numbers, gutting the reach and effect of the law.  Even companies with far more then 50 employees are busy redesigning their work structure to fit in more part-timers, to reduce the number of people for whom medical insurance will have to be provided, or to reduce the number of full-time employees on whom will be levied that $2000 fine.

Hey Obama!  Saaaalute!   LMAO!!!!



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