Sunday Road Trip: Chicago To LA On Route 66

If you drive anything with a gasoline engine and at least half a dozen cylinders, at some point in your cloistered life you’ve thought about a road trip.  And at some point in that wind-in-your-hair, screw-the-world mental contemplation you entertained the notion of driving America’s most famous and iconic road, Route 66, end to end.  Well, Walter Mitty, here’s your chance to fulfill that dream in three minutes.

Interstates are fast but sterile.  Mind numbingly boring as well.  Driving cross country on 66 … driving to any-there from any-here through America’s back country … is the only way to really understand the wild romance of this land, see its history first hand and taste its culture.  It will provide a permanent cure for lovers of urban beehives, contented cubicle dwellers and for many another “Borg” mentalities, too.

“Get your kicks on Route 66.”  This is very cool.


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