Happy Thanksgiving, America: A Rant

I’m reading that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming under attack from the usual suspects, the Loud Left and assorted cranks, grinches and killjoys.  Thanksgiving is celebrating the abuse of Americans who came from the Pacific by boat and over the Siberian-American land bridge.  That is the claim, at least it is when you boil away all the politically correct verbal BS.  This is mind-numbingly ignorant and to my mind self-loathing in the extreme. 

Christmas is too Christian, has been the howl for years.  Buddhists and Hindus and Muslims and Jews and Druids and Wiccans etc etc are deeply offended, is the chant.  Some judge in Santa Monica who’s obviously never read the US Constitution just prohibited a creche in the town square so that offense would never be taken.  Anyone who’s offended by a creche should be subjected to the same rule: prohibited from any sort of public religious display, including skull caps, Stars of David, veils and chardors and hijabs, saffron robes and incense and all the rest of it.  Prayer rooms in public spaces like airports with rugs facing east should be closed and banned.  Stuff the prohibitions back down the throats of the permanently “offended” and I suspect this nonsense would stop immediately.

BTW, do you see the delicious irony here?  A judge forbids a creche in a town named after a Catholic saint?  Saint Monica was Saint Augustine of Hippo’s mother, and the town can’t put a creche on the green?  I fully expect the super-majority Democrat California legislature to pass a law this year outlawing the word “Santa” in all place and town names.  Hereafter, it shall be called “Monica”, and the town record amended to state the town was named after the famous consort of a former President.  “Rosa” and “Clara” and “Anita” and “Cruz” and “Fe” all the others will have to dream up their own politically correct histories.

Don’t let these political puritans and Loud Left cranks get you down.  Celebrate if you wish and any way you wish.  Do so openly and publicly.  Let your banners fly.

Love and Happiness and a Happy Thanksgiving to us all.




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